Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 Weeks One Day!

Today we had our second sonogram for nuchal translucency screening, yes I had to google that to be sure I spelled it correctly.

It is a sono that screens for down syndrome and has to be done at the hospital because it is preformed by specialists. It isn't a required test and even though the results didn't matter one way or the other it was nice to at least know and because its always fun to see the baby and hear the heartbeat!

We got the results right away and everything looks great. They take measurements of the baby's spine, nasal bridge and other features. And then compile statistics based off your blood work and images on the risk of down syndrome present. We were 1 in 10,000 which is the best you can be. Hopefully we continue this healthy track record!

It is amazing at how far developed the baby is. At only 5 cm. we can see arms and legs moving around. Baby was kicked back and relaxed had his feet up in the air with ankles crossed looked like he was laying in a hammock. We expected to see a beer and a remote in his hand, but clearly he is waiting for WVU kickoff!

There was a small chance to see the sex but the doctor said the baby needed to be one more week older to tell. So needless to say Jason thinks its a girl because of course his son would be showing already! We will have to wait until October to know if we can paint the room green or purple. Hopefully he won't be stubborn and make us wait until Feb. (the best month to be born right Cas?!) - we all know I can't handle that!

Heartbeat was 170 beats per minute. Five beats slower than our first sonogram in July. Heart rate will continue to decrease over the months ahead and should be around 120 when born.

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