Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

Instead of this is your brain on drugs - they should say this is your brain on pregnancy.

I can no longer multitask and it is killing me! Well, I can't multitask like Natalie ie more than two things at a time are not happening, which is so hard since we all know I am usually doing about 10 things at once!

So, yesterday I was on my way from my hair appt and on speakerphone with a colleague. I came to a STOP sign and stopped my car. After about a minute I busted out laughing. I hadn't moved and was waiting for the light to change!!!! Maybe the blonde hair also has something to do with it?!?!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buy Buy Baby!

To all my friends looking for registry advice - I highly recommend Buy Buy Baby! I wish they had more locations because it is an awesome store and even better to experience in person versus online. We are fortunate to have two within an hour from our house.

Top 5 reasons why it is better than any other baby store:

1. It is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond so they accept your non-expired Bed Bath and Beyond coupons
2. They have an extensive brand selection including top tier down to standard baby brands
3. Their sales associates are very versed on all their products and helpful with comparing one product vs another or making a decision on what you need
4. Inventory was better than other baby stores we visited
5. Prices were comparable to Babies R Us which had far less inventory and overall selection