Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grapes at 2 AM?!

Baby P loves some grapes so much so that I woke up hungry in the middle of the night and ventured to the kitchen for some. I don't think I have gotten out of bed for food since my college days and I am sure it was a more sobering experience! Once Baby P got his fill he let me go back to bed, thank god!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girls are so fun to shop for!

I have always said I wanted a boy first, but there is so much fun stuff to buy for girls! All we really want is a healthy baby and will be excited no matter boy or girl, but if its a girl I already have so much stuff picked out...POOR JASON, literally!

Love this bib from Snuggles Of Love! And, think I will use that pattern to base the room off of. Maybe paint the walls that green color and use this fabric for the valance, quilt and other accent pieces.

Love Love everything on Ruffle Butts! Definitely need a few pairs of those bloomers and who can resist the legwarmers, crawlers and tights! Also found some great headbands, Sissy Britches and shoes and on Etsy - HoneyandChild

Here are the pieces I will pull for inspiration for a girls room:

13 Weeks!

Hello second trimester! We had our monthly check-up this morning and everything went well. I wasn't too impressed with the Dr. we met with today, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the rainy weather and will see if I feel the same the next time I meet with her. Jason's said maybe it's me and not her - ha so true!

There are 4-6 doctors in our practice so we are trying to meet with all of them so when the time comes we aren't meeting them in the delivery room. Depending on the big arrival and which doctor is on call depends who we will get.

Although this Dr. was really pushing inducing that way I get to pick my doctor to deliver. I am not a big fan of this and felt like telling her right now the only way I would agree to be induced other than health reasons is not to have you in that delivery room!

Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's. Everything else was healthy and normal. Our next appt. is Sept. 16 and if baby cooperates we should know the sex on Oct. 14.

My mom says it's the only surprise in life that you get. My response, Mom, for 28 years we have celebrated Christmas together and not once did I ever not know what I was getting before I opened my presents - so why would this surprise you?! If I can know I have to know :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Public Information

Ahhh! I think we, ha well I, called everyone we needed to tell in person. So relieved I do not feel like I have to call/tell another person our news and I can't believe we managed to control the message on Facebook! So, share away, the more people you tell the less we have to!!!

We have our monthly Dr. appt in the morning and will keep you posted on any updates. So far no complaints, no sickness - just tired. Hopefully this doesn't mean we are in for it when he comes out. I sleep and eat all the time. My friend Jennie said I have a bump at least for once its not from alcohol! We will post "bump" pics soon - just for you Kristen :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 Weeks One Day!

Today we had our second sonogram for nuchal translucency screening, yes I had to google that to be sure I spelled it correctly.

It is a sono that screens for down syndrome and has to be done at the hospital because it is preformed by specialists. It isn't a required test and even though the results didn't matter one way or the other it was nice to at least know and because its always fun to see the baby and hear the heartbeat!

We got the results right away and everything looks great. They take measurements of the baby's spine, nasal bridge and other features. And then compile statistics based off your blood work and images on the risk of down syndrome present. We were 1 in 10,000 which is the best you can be. Hopefully we continue this healthy track record!

It is amazing at how far developed the baby is. At only 5 cm. we can see arms and legs moving around. Baby was kicked back and relaxed had his feet up in the air with ankles crossed looked like he was laying in a hammock. We expected to see a beer and a remote in his hand, but clearly he is waiting for WVU kickoff!

There was a small chance to see the sex but the doctor said the baby needed to be one more week older to tell. So needless to say Jason thinks its a girl because of course his son would be showing already! We will have to wait until October to know if we can paint the room green or purple. Hopefully he won't be stubborn and make us wait until Feb. (the best month to be born right Cas?!) - we all know I can't handle that!

Heartbeat was 170 beats per minute. Five beats slower than our first sonogram in July. Heart rate will continue to decrease over the months ahead and should be around 120 when born.

Archer to Thank

Baby P is going to either love or hate Auntie Ashley as she was insistent on this baby blog. We are convinced she wants to live through the trials and tribulations of our pregnancy before she finally gives into Drew. We all know she has a deep love for children and can't wait to meet baby P and change his (no I am not convinced its a boy, but all my books refer to baby as he...get over it Jason!) diaper and wipe his baby spit.

Choppy Choppy!