Wednesday, October 20, 2010

21 Weeks Growing Strong

Peanut is growing strong. Along with his goods, he also flashed a smile for his pic. Jason said his face is smooshed in the photo! He was very active during the sono and we saw him kick and move his arms. Every time we have seen him he has had his arms up behind his head. Either he is cheering for a WVU touchdown or is laid back and kicking it!

Dad's response when he found out it was a boy - "Natalie, I am sure you have had plenty of experience handling wieners - you will be just fine." Peanut, he sure does love your Mom!

Mom's response - "I still get to be queen of the house! Jason, you wallet is lucky it isn't a girl."

Friends responses - "OMG, you have a penis growing inside of you!"
"Jason must be relieved."
"Tell J I expect him to teach this one how to stand and pee!!!"

Oh Peanut, without a doubt you will be loved and surrounded with lots of good humor!

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