Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carson's Favorite Items

Ok - so tomorrow in newborn language can mean a week or even a month, but I am now getting around to that post :)

Top items I would recommend for a newborn are:

  • Ergo carrier with infant insert. We also have the Bjorn, but I think the Ergo carrier is a better fit for petite women because it disburses the weight making it easier on my back. My husband uses the Bjorn. Carson falls asleep within minutes of putting him in this thing and since he likes to be held all the time I use this to get things done around the house so you still have your hands free.\

  • Aden + Anais burp cloths. Love that these can double as a bib and a burp cloth that is contoured to your shoulder. They are also super soft and wash nicely.

  • Sleep Sacks - these are great in the middle of the night making changing diapers a lot easier without having to undo a bunch of snaps. Our favorite one is one that zips all the way down, but all of them make it easier to change diapers.

  • Halo swaddle sleep sacks - If your baby is anything like mine he will love being swaddled. We love the swaddles from Halo. They give you a piece of mind against sids and keep baby cozy.

  • Snap-and-go stroller - it's light weight and convenient for running errands so you don't have to take him in and out of his carrier. I also highly recommend our car seat - the Graco Snug and ride up to 22 lbs. It has a great safety rating and is light weight. It is also contoured to fit on top of a shopping cart - some aren't and you have to put the carrier in the shopping cart leaving less room for your groceries. We looked at the snug ride 35 lbs thinking we would get more use out of it, but knew with the weight of the carrier there was no way I would be able to carry a 35 lb baby in that thing. We really liked the Britax as well and it had the best safety rating, but it was a few pounds heavier and wouldn't sit on top of the grocery cart and they said the Graco had just as good safety ratings so we went for functionality.

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